Pikachu Ringtone Mp3 for Call, SMS, Notification Sound Tone free Download [9+]

(Last updated 12 minutes ago) Pikachu Ringtone Mp3 for incoming calls, SMS, Notification Tone: Pikachu is a Pokemon cartoon animation movie whose song Pikachu is very popular worldwide. You can download here Pikachu tone, SMS tone, and notification tone for free download.

The song is titled “Pikachu’s Song” and is an entry to the popular pokemon “character song” project from the Pokim XY & Z anime for the first time. Sounds great! The only problem? Pikachu can only really say and sing his own name, resulting in these excellent songs being revealed alongside the actual song that will debut on 8/4.

Character songs in Japan are typically character theme songs sung by the character’s voice actor. In that case, it would be Utani Ecu, Pikachu’s longest and most famous voice of 2022. Also Download Cat Meow Sounds for Ringtone of SMS, Call

Pikachu Ringtone Mp3 for incoming calls

File name: Pikapi-Pika-Pika-Ringtone-Song-free-Download-1.mp3
File type: audio/mpeg
File size: 182 KB
Length: 0:23

File name: Pikachu-Noshock-Rap-Pikachu-Song-Tone-in-Mp3-Format-.mp3
File type: audio/mpeg
File size: 211 KB
Length: 0:13

File name: Pikachu-Rap-Ringtone-for-Mobile-free-Download.mp3
File type: audio/mpeg
File size: 454 KB
Length: 0:29

File name: Pikachu-Ketchup-Song-Ringtone-Download-free-.mp3
File type: audio/mpeg
File size: 457 KB
Length: 0:29

Pikachu Ringtone for SMS, Notification Tone free Download

File name: Pikachu-Baby-Attack-Sound-for-Mobile-Free-Download-in-Mp3.mp3
File type: audio/mpeg
File size: 68 KB
Length: 0:04

File name: Pikachu-SMS-Ringtone-for-Android-and-iPhone-Mobile.mp3
File type: audio/mpeg
File size: 40 KB
Length: 0:02

File name: Pikachu-SMS-Tone-3-Notification-Tone-Download.mp3
File type: audio/mpeg
File size: 20 KB
Length: 0:01

How To Set Ringtones?

  1. Download mp3 file
  2. Go To Settings > Sounds > Choose SIM 1 Ringtone or SIM 2 Ringtone > Music on Device & Select your Ringtone
  3. And enjoy 

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